A drama with the elements of comedy. The film follows one week in the life of a middle-aged widower named Iko. After the death of his wife, Iko remains alone in a desolated village. His everyday routine consists of rising the flag in the morning, feeding his chicken and lowering the flag at the end of the day. In between those activities, Iko is trying to continue with his regular way of life in spite of many problems.

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Medium-length film
Genre: comedy / drama
Year: 2012.
Duration: 40 min.
Production: Dream Division / UMAS
Written and Directed by: Ivan Perić
Assisstant director: Dragan Kovačević
Camera: Ivan Perić, Dragan Kovačević, Marko Kapitanović
Lighting: Ivan Perić, Dino Nejašmić
Editing: Ivan Perić, Dragan Kovačević
Sound: Toni Banov, Pino Gamulin, Martina Bilan
Script: Martina Bilan
Cast: Ivica Ljubić - Žila, Marijan Skočibušić, Mia Roknić, Domagoj Ćoso, Marko Kapitanović, Ivica Sorić - Suri


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Slobodna Dalmacija - review


Film festivals:

Kastav Film Festival (Kastav, Croatia)



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