Split and surroundings, mid 90s. Kralj and Joke are small time crooks, with their unsuccessful attempts to get rich. They arrive at the small local fair with intention of selling smuggled cigarettes, but they immediately get into trouble. First they got into an argument with an old woman (who calls police) and then they try to force a group of former drug addicts to give them their booth with souvenirs. Soon, Kralj is caught by police and sentenced to 6 months of prison, while Joke manages to escape. Joke seeks help from a mutual friend Šporki to rescue Kralj, and together they forge a plan that will not go smoothly...


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Production: Dream Division / UMAS
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
Duration: 78 min
Written and Directed by: Ivan Perić
Assisstant director: Dragan Kovačević
Director of Photography: Rino Barbir
Camera: Rino Barbir, Duje Kundić, Jure Cukar
Editing: Dragan Kovačević, Ivan Perić
Sound design: Gildo Bavčević
Sound recording: Gildo Bavčević, Niko Gulam
Music: Kuzma & Shaka Zulu
Script: Martina Bilan
Costumes: Katarina Bilan
Make-up: Ivana Vladović Marić, Maja Mustapić
Cast: Marko Kapitanović, Duje Grubišić, Tino Bandini, Otokar Levaj, Marija Cvrlje Radović, Josip Sebeledi, Ana Gruica, Siniša Vuco, Mladenka Gruica, Martina Bilan, Marijan Skočibušić, Kuzma i Shaka Zulu, Dino Nejašmić, Dino Banović, Ivan Baranović, Marijan Grbavac


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