Cain is a military scientist, disappointed in human race. His conclusion is that the mankind failed to create a world worth living in. Only a minority of privileged people are happy, while the rest are spending their lives in pain and hopeless struggle to survive. One day, Cain decides to wipe out the entire human race from planet Earth, by activating the weapons of mass destruction. And now, he's coming out of the shelter to find the place where he will die... The place where the last man will die. Soon, Cain finds out that he's not alone, and he goes in search to eliminate the other survivor...

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Feature-length film
Genre: Science-fiction / thriller / drama
Year: 2010.
Duration: 86 min.
Production: Dream Division
Written and Directed by: Ivan Perić
Assistant Director: Dragan Kovačević
Director of Photography: Dragan Kovačević
Editing: Ivan Perić, Dragan Kovačević
Sound: Ivan Perić, Dragan Kovačević, Mario Novaković
Music: Kevin MacLeod
Cast: Marko Kapitanović, Mirko Gabelica, Dragan Kovačević, Tea Radić, Krešimir Perić, Roko Nikšić, Anamarija Perić


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Adler & Associates Entertainment



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Film festivals:

  • 42. Revija hrvatskog filmskog i video stvaralaštva (Samobor, Croatia)
  • RAF (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Swansea Bay Film Festival (Swansea, UK) - nomination for the best foreign feature film
  • 33. Dani znanstvene fantastike – SferaKon (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Festival der nationen (Ebensee, Austria)
  • International Festival Del Cine Pobre (Gibara, Cuba)
  • StarLite Film Festival (Winter Garden, Florida, US)
  • FSFF 2012. (Beograd, Serbia)
  • Kastav film festival (Kastav, Croatia)
  • Cinetopia Festival (Sweden)



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