04 Mar

Our promo films for Novalja

In Blog on 04 Mar 2017

Among our latest work are the four promotional films for city of Novalja, at island Pag.

Novalja and island Pag are very popular tourist resorts in Croatia, famous for the beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, awesome beaches, olive groves, vineyards and many cultural landmarks and monuments. Novalja is also known worldwide for a vivid and rich nightlife during the summer, in particular at the extraordinary night clubs on Zrće beach.

Our promotional videos for Novalja tourist board are showcasing all those qualities of Novalja, and much more.

Director: Ivan Perić
Assistant Directors: Antea Ratković, Dragan Kovačević
Producer and Shooting Coordinator: Marko Kapitanović
Lyrics: Antea Ratković
Actress: Josipa Baliban
Camera: Ivan Perić, Marko Kapitanović
Costumes and Styling: Antea Ratković
Editing and Postproduction: Dragan Kovačević, Antea Ratković
Animations and Special Effects: Ivica Đapić
Additional Timelapses: Novena d.o.o.
Film production: Dream Division in collaboration with Novalja Tourist Office



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